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Flower Letter

Have you been taking your family for granted
because they are always with you?

Today, take a step back and take another look at your family.
Does thankfulness well up in your heart?
Do you feel sorry? Are you missing them more and more?
Why don’t you put your heart that you haven’t delivered to them yet into Flower Letter?

Flower Letter

We make
the Flower Letter for you.

Make the Flower Letter by putting the name of your family member on it.
The flower that contains your sincerity will bloom.

Flower Shop of Happiness
  • Step 1

    Choose the recipient.

  • Step 2

    Choose the flower.

  • Step 3

    Input the name of the recipient and the message.

  • Step 4

    Download the letter
    and send through your phone.


Flower Letters:


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